This is my first post using the Windows Live Writer Beta. I’m behind a proxy, so I had to use special settings to install it.

When I first started it, I provided the URLof my blog, it detected all the necessary settings and asked me to enable xmlrpc.php, so I did.

Lets have a look at the result.


so that works, you can then open the post again, make changes and save. Quite wonderful indeed.

I recently blogged about the fact that my sister wanted to download a movie file from picasaweb. Now I found a much easier way to do it. Just use firefox, add the “Download Helper” add-on.

There will be an extra button on the address bar. Just view the movie (whereever) and click the button. It will allow to download the movie-file (it will be an .flv file, which you can watch using vlc.

Hope this helps, (In true ScottGu style)