My sister asked me how to download a movie file from picasaweb.

  • Open the video you want to download in firefox.
  • Select some text beginning the selection under the google-video screen to just above it. Right-click on the text under the video and choose “Show selected source” or “Bron van selectie bekijken”.
  • Search (Ctrl-F) for a tag called “videoUrl” in the sourcecode
  • Copy the Encoded url to the clipboard. (it is just behind the “=” sign)
  • It will look something like this: … eURhpQ%26begin%3D0%26len%3D2147483647%26docid%3D0&hl=en_US&autoplay=yes

  • open and paste the encoded url there.
  • Click the button “Decode the Url”
  • Click on the decoded Url, firefox will ask to download an .flv file. Just do it.
  • You can rename the file later, you can open .flv files using VLC

Have fun!

Only download movies to which you have the rights (your own movies, or those under an appropriate creative commons licence)