A while ago, I wrote about my VLAN setup for the Telenet local network.

Today, Bert, the Telenet technician came in for a modem-swap, and activated Fibernet40 on my subscription. It is the same price as the older “Gold-Shake” that we had, but you get a lot more bang for your buck: 100GB limit instead of 60GB and 40Mbps instead of 10Mbps download speed. (and some other extra’s)

Another advantage is that now they installed a Modem with integrated Wireless router and wired switch. So my old-setup is now obsolete. This is the new topology:

New network topology. Blue lines are Coax, Purple ethernet, Green: HDMI

So it eliminated the use of an extra router in my home, it is actually built into the modem itself. It supports 802.11N, so it is way faster than the one I had. The speed is really great!

In my home, I’m using 200Mbps Powerline Ethernet boxes to transmit the signal without the need for other cables. I have a switch under the tv, to get network to my XBox, I have another switch in the other corner of the room to get the network to my printer and PC. The laptops use wifi (duh) at equal speed as the wired network.

I don’t really understand yet how Telenet actually achieves this setup, because devices behind the modem get an internal IP, in the 198.168.0.* range, while the digicorder still gets an IP in the 10.166.179.* range. I should sniff my local network to really know what is going on. I will do that if I have a little bit more time. For the moment I’m just enjoying the Internet in high speed.

Do the test yourself at http://speedtest.telenet.be
Do the test yourself at http://speedtest.telenet.be

Note that the managment UI for the modem is reached through mijn.telenet.be, which is kind of nice. This means that they can remotely manage my modem/router. I don’t really mind doing that myself, but it’s nice to know they can help less knowledgeable users.

So don’t sit around, pick up the phone and make an appointment with Telenet today, to upgrade your internet experience for free. I didn’t have to pay activation or installation costs at all!

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