Sometimes it happens that Xcode throws you an exception, and you don’t know why. How do you print the relevant Exception information?

To get more information, you can configure the debugger to break when any exception is thrown. Go to the Breakpoint Navigator and click the little ‘+’-button at the bottom. Then click “Add Exception Breakpoint”.

Add Exception BreakpointBut, in many cases, even then you don’t get the information you wanted when the Exception occurs. Add these commands to the breakpoint configuration to show the name and reason of the breakpoint. This should get you on the way to eliminate the error.

Breakpoint on all exceptions

po [*(id *)($esp+4) name] and

po [*(id *)($esp+4) reason]


This works when you are using LLDB by printing the name and reason of the exception in the command window. You can also execute those commands in the command window, but you have to make sure to select stackframe 0 first.

I finally took the time to put the plugin I wrote in the wordpress plugin repository. This makes it even easier to set it up on your Blog.

Simply go to the administration area of your blog, go to the Plugins section and click Add New. There you search for “Full screen background” and normally the first hit should be my plugin.

The next step is to activate it, and change the image you want to show. You do this by editing one line in the source of the plugin. You can do this by clicking the Edit link next to the plugin in the list of active plugins. The line you have to change is indicated with a html comment. Change the src attribute of the img element. That’s it.

Please provide feedback if it works or doesn’t work for you. Thanks!


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